About Us


The CML BUSTER FOUNDATION (CMLBF.ORG) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving quality of life for CML patients and their families in the US and to help support CML research towards a cure.

The foundation is dedicated to empowering CML patients by giving access to educational sites, treatment facts, trial news, personal emotional support, contact through peer-to-peer family support groups, caregiver guidance, direction to financial assistance programs, CML specialist information in the US, pertinent medical journal articles and other tools or items of specific CML need.

CML Buster Foundation is organized and run by patients for patients with expert advisors and facilitators.

Mission:  To empower CML patients and their families to improve their quality of life.

Vision:     A world in which CML patients live full and fulfilled lives with dignity and hope for a cure.

Purpose:  To define, fund, create, and support the tools of empowerment essential for the wellbeing of the CML community.


1. To grow the engaged CML population through communication channels such as web and social media to reach the more than 120,000 CML patient families in the US and increase awareness of CML.

2. To expand outreach by way of the proven Family Support Group model across the USA.  

We invite CML patients and their family caregivers to join our positive and uplifting Virtual Zoom Family Support Group meetings listed below:

SoCal              6pm PST on the 2nd Monday of every month     Zoom ID: 816 9197 1784
DMV                6pm EST on the 2nd Monday of the month         Zoom ID: 810 1698 0926
MIDCEN           6pm CST on the 3rd Tuesday of the month         Zoom ID: 833 5095 9101

3. To centralize access to everything CML into one dedicated web-based platform for the benefit of CML patient families dealing with this disease daily.

4. To connect patient families with resources needed to successfully deal with this specific rare blood cancer and its treatment challenges.

5. To engage CML stakeholders in beneficial conversations for the long-term benefit of this small and underserved population.  

6. To remain passionately focused on reigniting research and funding for the last mile to vanquish CML through CURES.

7. We do not provide nor intend to provide medical care, medical advice, or psychotherapy.  Specific treatment concerns should be addressed directly with a qualified health care professional.


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CML Buster Foundation, Inc. - a 501(c)(3)   
292 Palmer Street Ste. C-1, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Phone, Text, or WhatsApp: US  714-393-9399
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Web: www.CMLBF.org
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